Is your AC unit clogged up or not functioning correctly? There’s a few potential threats that may be hurting on the backend. Here’s likely what’s going on inside the system.


Moisture and Dirt


These build up constantly, especially depending on the area. Your environment and the landscape around the home will be a heavy contributing factor into how often you need to clean the unit.


How can I clean my AC unit?


Spraying it down with a water hose that has moderate pressure is the best route. This will avoid further damage within the unit while also giving it the benefits of a deep clean. You should try to make this a regular thing as well, since it can be easy for the build up to cause issues in the long run if they are not attended to promptly.


Interior vs exterior AC units


In either case, they’re relatively similar to clean. The exception with any unit outside is that you’ll have to lookout for more debris. This will often come in larger branches and leaves. Make sure to scrape thoroughly with any finer instruments you are using, ensuring that there isn’t any smaller pieces left behind.


How often should I clean the unit?


Once every six months should be sufficient. These often aren’t very labor-intensive jobs, should be quick and easily completed in under an hour. Also, spray from the inside out as best you can, avoid pushing the debris into further reaching spots that are difficult to clean.


My unit isn’t working


If your AC unit is having more internal issues, an inspection is necessary from a professional. This if the circumstances go beyond simple routine cleaning and maintenance, and if you’re noticing a significant depreciation in efficiency.


To get started, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about your situation and how we can meet the exact needs of your unit. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!