If your thermostat isn’t reading properly, or you feel the temperature isn’t syncing with the air conditioner, there may be an internal issue.


If the thermostat itself is unresponsive, then there’s potential for it to be a quick fix. First, turn off your breaker and take a look inside the bones of the thermostat. This can be from an extremely dirty and clogged up inside panel, where simply cleaning it may solve your issue.


However, if that isn’t the case, there’s likely a connection issue between the thermostat and power supply.


What if my power supply isn’t the issue?


Check the breaker and how the rest of your home’s power is operating, then you’ll be able to confirm if the issue is rooted in the air conditioning unit or thermostat. Once you confirm that there is no issue with the power supply, the next step is to inspect your AC unit. The unit’s lack of production for hot or cold air is likely an internal system issue, which is why an inspection is the logical next step.


Give us a call today, and we can find time to found the root of your system’s issues. Whether it’s the thermostat or the air conditioning unit itself, we’ll have the system running like new in no time at all.